Uber can now track your location even after your ride ends

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With the new version of UBER Application, Uber can track passenger’s location even after ride ends.

The US based taxi giant has now got the ability to collect passenger’s location data up to five minutes after the passenger is dropped off.

Earlier, Uber was only able to track passenger’s location when application is open, but now Uber can do this even with the closed app.

Terming it as an “unfair and deceiving trade practice”, the Electronic Privacy Information Centre has reportedly filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission.

However, Uber claims that the upgrade will help in improving end user experience, as now it will be easier for drivers and users to locate each other.

Justifying the update Uber said that “We do this to improve pick-ups, drop-offs, customer service, and to enhance safety.”

Afraid of it? Here’s how you can turn it off.

Anyone unhappy with Uber having permission to constantly track their location can turn the feature off.

Users are left with choice between setting their information sharing options to “Always” or “Never”.

Users can opt for “Never”, consequently location related data cannot be shared with Uber but it will cause one manual task to the user. They will now require to enter their pick-up and drop locations manually every time they ride.

On an Android phone, users can go to Settings, Apps, Uber, Permission, and toggle Location Off. On an iPhone, users can select Privacy, Location Services, Uber, and select Never.


It is not the first time when Uber is involved in legal issue regarding passenger’s data. They have been entangled in legal issue in past as well.

Few months back, Uber had to pay a $20,000 fine for not disclosing a data breach that exposed some of its driver information, including their license numbers, in timely manner.