Gmail starts blocking JavaScript attachments, A Setback To The Hackers

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Gmail blocks JavaScript attachmentsGmail starts blocking JavaScript attachments. From Feb 13th, 2017, Gmail has started deploying their new restrictive policy on .js file attachments and extended their list of file types blocked for security reasons. After the full release, Gmail users won’t be able to exchange mail containing .js attachments, not even in compressed or archived form.

The decision has been taken to enhance the system security of the Gmail users. The cyber criminal has been exploiting this privilege to spread malicious .js script via email attachments. JavaScript attachments have been one of the most popular ways for cybercriminals to spread their malicious work worldwide.

The malicious scripts aim to infect the device with different types of malware chosen by the attackers. Apart from ad-clickers and banking malware, cyber criminals have been using javascript to carry out the most prevalent type of infection such as ransomware infections.

The change is likely to be positive to ensure safe online communication worldwide but cybercriminals are known to be inventive when it comes to finding loopholes in security measures. With .js attachments blocked by one of the dominant webmail providers, attackers will most likely start looking for alternative ways.