Thailand govt. websites attacked by anonymous hackers

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Thailand govt websites attacked

Thailand government websites reportedly attacked by anonymous hackers. Anonymous hackers have apparently targeted Thailand government websites with DDoS attacks. The hackers allegedly strike websites in opposition to the newly passed bill to which is feared to impose considerable restrictions on internet freedom.

The alleged bill brought an amendments to the country’s existing cyber crime law which is dreaded to force impressive limitations on internet freedom. The new law would allow Thailand authorities to censor websites and snoop private communication without a court order. The controversial bill was passed by the legislature on 16 December, according to reports.

The Anonymous hackers reportedly targeted Thailand’s Defense Ministry website with DDoS. The attack reportedly forced the Defense Ministry website to be temporarily offline for the visitors.

Besides the Defense Ministry websites, the hackers also targeted the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, and the Office of the National Security Council websites in a series of attack.

The hacker operating with name “blackplans” claimed for the DDoS attack on Thai Government websites. The “blackplans” posted documents claimed to be stolen from the government’s compromised websites.

However the Thai Defense ministry denied much gain for the hackers. The spokesperson from Defense ministry said to ABC News, “They couldn’t do anything because we have defense systems in place that are ready for such situations”.

The government branded the hackers as “thugs” set to creating chaos and asked the public to come forward with information about the hackers.
The hackers reportedly threatened to destroy country’s financial systems and transportation systems.

The new cyber bill which is feared to impose considerable restrictions on internet freedom has been criticized by The UN Office of Human Rights.
The organization said in a statement on Monday (19 December): “We are worried by amendments that could threaten online freedoms”. The organization also appealed to the government to ensure the country’s cyber laws comply with international human rights standards.

However, Thai Prime Minister defended the amendments and said the law will ensure public safety by curbing cyber criminals. He said “this is a law to be used against those who violate the law”.