Russian Embassy Website Hacked, Passport Data and Contact Details Stolen

Data Theft, Privacy Hit, What the Hack

Passport details of thousands of Russians hacked. A hacker operating with the name Kapustkiy claims to have hacked and stolen thousands of passport numbers and other confidential information from the website of a Russian consular department.

The pseudonymous hacker, Kapustkiy may publish around a thousand records online that he allegedly obtained.

The hacker is believed to have targeted the Consular Department website of the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands.

Any specific motive behind hack?

The hacker’s motive in targeting passport records of Russian is currently unknown. However, “I hacked them to let them understand a databreach,” Kapustkiy claimed in a Twitter direct message to Motherboard.

The hacker claimed to obtain around 30,000 records, of which, he plans to leak, a thousand in public domain., the hacked website, provides information about visas and is specifically aimed at offering information to Russian citizens living in the Netherlands. However, the department is yet to respond.

The hacker is believed to have stolen phone numbers, email addresses, passport number of various citizens from the hacked website.

Kapustkiy shared Motherboard with a file containing records including email address, phone number, and passport number of over 6,000 individuals, Motherboard reported.

In a confirmation drive by the Motherboard, 3 of the individuals confirmed that they had used the website. The passport and phone number turned true for two of those. However, both passports were out of date. The third individual confirmed his phone number, but was doubtful about his passport number.

Kapustkiy who allegedly hacked the Russian Embassy’s Consular Department Website claimed to have carried out the attack on behalf of a hacking group called New World Hackers.

In November, Kapustkiy, alongside another hacker operating with name Kasimierz L, claimed responsibility for hacking the official websites of Indian embassies and leaked information of over 500 citizens residing in those countries, which included similar information.

The hacking mechanism or any vulnerability exploited by the hacker is still unknown.