India’s Ministry of Home Affairs Website Taken Down After Cyber Attack, Investigation Continues

Cyber Attack, What the Hack

The Ministry of Home affairs website has been taken down after it was reportedly hacked by an anonymous hacker. The website will temporarily remain unreachable from the internet, an official confirmed.

The website is managed by National Informatics Centre. When hacking was distinguished, the National Informatics Centre blocked the external access to the Ministry of Home Affairs website to avoid persistent threats.

NIC and Delhi Police have launched an investigation into the matter. While NIC is looking into the technical aspects of the security breach, Delhi police will work on the legal front.

The visitors are currently welcomed with the standard “This site can’t be reached” message on Chrome browsers.

MHA Website Hacked

A week ago, the Home Ministry had said in the Indian Parliament that more than 700 websites of central and state government departments have been hacked in the past four years.