Indian Hackers Crackdown Facebook Groups Dealing With Online Sex Rackets

What the Hack

Kerala Cyber WarriorsThe Hacking group operating under the pseudonym “Kerala Cyber Warriors” carried out a cyber attack on the flourishing Facebook groups and pages associated with online sex rackets, cyber abuse, revenge-porn and even child-porn.

The hacking group in a Facebook post published the details of 60 FB groups or pages, which have been involved in spreading offensive materials on the Internet, and deleted the entire content.

The 28-member team of hackers named the cyber attack as operations #OP_INDIA_ONLINE_PROSTITUTION & #OP_INDIA_SEX_CHATTING.

KWC Announced Successful Hack on FB

The Group claimed to hack and delete the entire content of 35 Facebook pages and 25 groups for illegally sharing pornographic content involving women and minors. The group after deleting the contents posted the “hack note” on the groups and pages.

KWC replaced the hacked group/page banner with their signature banner

Among the hacked Facebook pages and groups, some of them were marketing revenge porn sites on which users could upload pictures of their previous partners. Some of the identified pages/groups offered sexting service and even were dedicated to run online prostitution rings too.

“When we hacked into the groups, we found that the same guy was sending his ex’s pictures to different groups asking the admins to post it and make it viral,” the hackers told to Deccan Chronicle.

The Kerala Cyber Warriors noted that they will continue doing similar operations in future as in Malayalam language only there are over 10,000 child porn related pages that are currently active on the social network site Facebook.