Anonymous Hackers Hacked Web Hosting Provider, Took Down More Than 10,000 Tor-Based Websites

What the Hack

Freedom Hosting II hackedA hacker group associated with Anonymous hacked Freedom Hosting II, the largest host of dark websites and took down more than 10,000 Tor-based websites. The hackers tear apart the Freedom Hosting II’s servers and stole thousands of GB worth data, according to reports.

Freedom Hosting II is the largest and most popular service provider for hosting web sites accessible only through Tor. Freedom Hosting II almost makes up 20% of the dark web or a fifth of the dark web. The alleged ‘hacking exercise’ made 20% of the Tor-based website inaccessible.

Reportedly, the hackers stole around 75GB worth of files and 2.6 GB of databases. The hackers after the download of gigabytes of data replaced web pages with a notification about the hack and a ransom demand. The hackers offered to return data for the price 0.1 bitcoin, around $100 (£80). However, it is speculated that the incredibly insignificant amount may not have been a genuine offer, with the hackers possibly planning to potentially dump the data online.

The Anonymous hackers also claimed that over 50% of the data stored on the servers contained child pornography. Investigating the incident, Security researcher Chris Monteiro confirmed the hacking. Monteiro asserted that along with the hosted websites, the customer portal of Freedom Hosting II was too hacked and was left with an ‘hacking note’.

hacking note, as posted on Freedom Hosting II hacked website (Chris Monteiro)
Hacking note, as posted on Freedom Hosting II hacked website (Chris Monteiro)

Freedom Hosting II is the successor to the original Freedom Hosting, run by Eoin Marques, an Irishman. The original Freedom Hosting was taken down by the FBI in conjunction with a JavaScript 0-day attack on its users back in 2013.