Foreign agencies to launch massive cyber attacks on Russian financial system – claimed FSB

Cyber Attack, What the Hack

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has claimed that they have information that foreign intelligence agencies are plotting to launch cyberattacks against the country’s financial system on Sunday. (5 December).

The cyber attack is aimed to destabilise Russia’s financial system, starting as early as next week, claimed FSB by posting information on its official website.

Any nation behind this? The official statement does not name any nation who may be behind such operation. However, FSB asserted that the servers and command and control centres to be used for the cyber attack is located in the Netherlands and belongs to a Ukrainian hosting firm called BlazingFast.

What kind of attack is expected? The FSB, in its published statement asserts that the planned cyber attack will be accompanied by mass spam text messages and provocative social network and blog posts related to alleged credit and financial system crisis and major federal and regional banks license revocation.

Is Russia Ready? FSB said the necessary step are being carried out to neutralise the threat to Russia’s economic and information security.

Responding to the FSB information, Russian Ministry of Communication held several emergency meetings with ISP’s, security providers, and banks, giving them necessary guidelines in order to deal with upcoming threat.